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Why Harmony

Harmony is a leader, creator, and provider of innovative services designed to strengthen the health and well-being of our nation's children and families.

Our Service Philosophy

Family Matters.

Family is the foundation of each program and is evidenced in Harmony’s services, communications, and relationships. Harmony works to ensure that families are able to promote a child’s emotional well-being, safety, and vitality through treatment, education, and advocacy. When the family unit is strong, then we are meeting the needs of the children.

Excellence is Harmony’s standard.


Harmony does not compromise the quality of care. Each program’s design is based on nationally recognized standards for excellence. In formal and informal ways, Harmony continually asks clients, funding sources, and staff, “How are we doing?”. Program changes are made based on these evaluations, industry trends, and research.

Harmony values our team.


Harmony respects team members by providing the education, tools, and support needed to be the best. Harmony places great value on the people who do the work. Harmony strives for a culture of inclusion where constructively challenging the ideas and thoughts of one another is encouraged.

Harmony embraces accountability.


Harmony utilizes a multilevel evaluation process to ensure oversight and transparency for finances, programs, and staff.

Collaboration is a hallmark of Harmony.

Harmony believes that combining skills, perspective and ingenuity furthers Harmony’s vision. To that end, Harmony develops national and local partnerships with the confidence that together make a difference for those served.

Harmony’s programs are unique, innovative and essential.


Through research, creativity, and experience, Harmony designs programs and explores opportunities that meet the diverse and complex needs of families, children, and communities.

Our Mission

To create innovative opportunities for healing and growth so children, adults, and families may live their best lives.