Therapeutic Services

The Neurosequential Model guides our clinical staff to choose the therapeutic approach that best fits the child’s developmental history and the family’s needs. Because one therapeutic approach does not fit all situations, our staff utilize a variety of evidence-based and evidence informed-models.

Harmony uses a range of modalities to serve adults, families, children, and adolescents through individual, family, and group therapy. Telehealth services are available across the state of Tennessee.

Meet our Therapists


Allison Cooke Douglas

Resource Center Program Manager

As an adoptive mother and educator, Allison brings a wealth of knowledge to her virtual and in person trainings.


Jahna Golly

Pre-Licensed  Therapist

Jahna's clinical work is focused on children and families with trauma-related challenges. 


Caroline Murphy

Individual and Family Therapist

Trained in the NMT and Natural Lifemanship, Caroline offers equine-assisted therapy sessions at Montvale.


Julia Brandt

Individual and Family Therapist

Julia offers individual and family therapy with a focus on grief, trauma, and PTSD. She is also fluent in Spanish.


Charlie Burchett

Master's Level Intern

Charlie is in the final stages of completing his MSW, and is now seeing clients at our Knoxville office.


Kelsie McGlothin

Marriage and Family Therapist

Keslie specializes in treating clients with repetitive traumatic experiences, often that occurred in development


Franny Alexander

Resource Center Program Coordinator

Franny is certified as an Educational Advocate and offers Parent Training and support for families.


Lauren Thomas

Individual and Family Therapist

Lauren is a Registered Yoga Instructor, specifically trained to work with children with trauma histories

Experiential Interventions

Our clinical team utilizes innovative approaches that include expressive movements, actions, and activities. Our experiential interventions are available in individual, couples, and group settings.

Montvale_01 copy.jpg

At Montvale, Harmony's family intensives are immersive experiences designed to address a family's needs head on. These intensives integrate a variety of treatments and therapies, including animal-assisted therapy, adventure-based therapy, therapeutic yoga, and therapeutic drumming.




Sensory integration therapies such as Sensorimotor Arousal Regulation Treatment (SMART} and Theraplay engage and strengthen the lower parts of the brain often affected by developmental trauma.  

At our Therapeutic Services offices in Knoxville, we have a variety of sensory rooms and equipment catering to the unique needs of individuals and families.



Yoga Mats



Yoga fosters a reduction in stress and an increase one’s emotional and physical well-being. Therapeutic yoga is led by an instructor with an understanding of the individuals emotional, physical, and psychological history and goals. This instructor creates space for individuals to experience the physical practice of yoga in a safe and trauma-sensitive environment.


Equine-assisted psychotherapy occurs on the ground with our horses, who respond to our behavior honestly and provide judgement-free feedback that talk therapy sometimes cannot.

Therapeutic Riding teaches grooming, tacking, and riding skills. The movement of the horse offers many therapeutic benefits from relaxation to balance to confidence building.

Equine-Assisted Therapy




Adventure-based interventions combine the regulating power of nature, relational development through team building and communication, and problem-solving activities. 

o   Low Ropes Challenge Course 

o   Climbing Tower 

o   Therapeutic Family Camps

o   Therapeutic Day Camps

o   Parent Retreats


PAWS Therapy Dogs

Harmony's Pet Assisted Wellness and Support (PAWS) program uses trained therapy dogs to provide support to clients during therapeutic sessions. Our therapy dogs are available at our Knoxville and Montvale locations.

Meet our four legged friends at Montvale by clicking below.

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