Foster Parent Training

An intensive education course designed to orient prospective foster and kinship parents to the needs of children who are cared for in the child welfare system.

Harmony Family Center offers classes to families who are interested in these roles through a partnership with Tennessee’s Department of Children’s Services.

Foster Parent Training is based on the belief that children grow and develop better in families, where they can build safe and trusting relationships. The Foster Parent Training classes serve as a guide for the participants to understand the complexities of the child welfare system and ways that they and the system can support children and families. It also provides opportunities for participants to assess their own strengths and resources in order to determine whether they are ready to take on the role of becoming foster or kinship parents. Most importantly, it helps the participants to understand the unique needs of children who have lived through the trauma of abusive, neglectful, and/or chaotic living situations and how to provide healing environments and relationships for them.

Additional information about Foster Parent Training classes can be found on the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services website at Foster Parent Training.

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