Experiential Interventions

Adventure Based Therapy

An intervention combining the regulating power of nature, relational development through team building and communication, and problem-solving activities. 

o   Low Ropes Challenge Course 

o   Climbing Tower 

o   Therapeutic Family Camps

o   Therapeutic Day Camps

o   Parent Retreats

The gated entry to Montvale where adventure based therapy is offered
Two of the equines used in animal assisted therapy at Montvale look up from grazing

Animal Assisted Therapy

o   PAWS for Kids – Canine Assisted Therapy 

o   The Barn – Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy 

  • Equine Assisted Psychotherapy 

  • Therapeutic Riding Lessons 

  • Minis on Wheels 

The new somatosensory room at the Therapeutic Services offie in Knoxville features mats, pads, and a jungle gym

Somatosensory Interventions – Sensory Rooms

Sensory integration treatments and therapies such as Sensorimotor Arousal Regulation Treatment (SMART} and Theraplay engage and strengthen the lower parts of the brain often affected by developmental trauma.  

Three children participate in a therapeutic yoga class

Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga encompasses a wide array of activities which work to foster a reduction in stress and an increase in connection with oneself and others as well as one’s emotional and physical well-being. Therapeutic yoga is led by an instructor with an understanding of the individuals emotional, physical, and psychological history and goals. This instructor then creates a space for individuals to experience the physical practice of yoga in a safe and trauma-sensitive environment.


Therapeutic Drumming

An ancient approach that uses rhythm to promote healing and self-expression. Drumming accelerates physical healing, boosts the immune system, and produces feelings of well-being and connection.