Birth Parent Support

Offering an array of counseling, education, and support group services to address birth parent’s grief and loss, diminish the social stigmas they experience, and mitigate the impact of the long-term effects on children and birth parents. 


Harmony supports birth parents in identifying and understanding loss associated with adoption, appreciating their own loss and trauma histories, developing a role for themselves in their child achieving permanency through adoption, and taking concrete steps to support their child’s moving to permanence. 

Some of the services offered through the Birth Parent Grief and Loss Support Program include:

  • Assist birth parents in appreciating their own experiences and how these experiences have impacted them, their lives, their children their parenting, and their own resiliency;

  • Assist parents in understanding and processing the impact of their loss specific to their parental rights;

  • Set goals with the parents for hopes for themselves and their child;

  • Support birth parents in understanding what lies ahead regarding permanency for their child, legal paths of relinquishment and termination, openness in adoption, and exploring their roles in the process and impact on themselves and their child;

  • Assist parents in completing life book pages in support of their children and as a means of exploring their own loss and experiences;

  • Engage parents, as possible, in crafting a Blessing Message that communicates the transition of roles and hope for the future (could be direct, indirect, physical items, etc.)

  • Assist parents in exploring options for communication with the child and potential adoptive family immediately and ongoing over time;

  • Introduce parents to the benefits of a birth parent support group for short-term and long-term support related to loss, coping, life transitions, etc.

  • Support, through case management, the parents accessing other resources via information and referral for a full array of services including ongoing counseling, and providing list of additional resources and supports.

For more information, contact Bree Conklin, Clinical Manager of Therapeutic Services.

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It is Harmony’s goal for this platform to be safe, supportive, productive, and the best experience possible for group members. We commit to give you our very best and in turn ask each member to commit to actively participate in the group. In doing so, you get the benefit of yours and others’ efforts. Please agree to abide by the following:


Attendance: If you decide to attend any or all of the groups, please try your hardest to log in on time and stay for the duration of the session. The group format works best if everyone comes at the scheduled time.


Active Participation: This can mean actively listening and/or sharing your thoughts, feelings, and reactions in a respectful way. In general, the more you put into a group, the more you’ll get out of it. The group will work hard to be a safe, trusting and supportive place.


Confidentiality: I understand that in group environments, group members will be expected to uphold one another’s confidentiality. I understand that all information disclosed within session is confidential and may not be revealed by me about other members.


The group leader cannot reveal information about me without my written permission except where disclosure is required by law:

  • If I present an imminent threat to myself or others.

  • When there is an indication of abuse of a child, elder or dependent adult

  • By court subpoena


Use of technology: Confidentiality of audio and video communications in individual and group therapy is protected by encryption and on a secure site. If you contact Harmony staff via phone, please be aware that unless we are both on landline phones, the conversation is not confidential.  Likewise, text messages are not confidential. Any computer files referencing our communication are maintained using secure and encrypted measures.

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